Resources: **Conceptual Physics LibGuide**

About Me: (Completion Date: Tuesday January 12)

~Who are you
  • Name:
  • Birth year:
  • Father and Mothers Occupation:
  • Family:
~Where are you from

  • Country of birth:
  • Living conditions:
  • Political conditions:
~What is the world like, when you live
  • Wars:
  • World Economy:
  • World of Science:
~Interesting facts about me
  • Education:
  • What was your area of work or research?:
  • Who were your colleagues?:
  • What awards did you receive?:

~My Friends and enemies:
  • What colleagues do you work well with?
    • Are you working together on an area of Physics?
    • Explain your relationship
  • What Physicists are you in conflict with? What is the conflict?

Daily Blog: (Begins Friday January 13)
  • ~One FULL week of blogs (Friday - Thursday)

  • ~Minimum 2-3 sentences

  • ~A creative way to explain how you interact with other Physicists:


  • ~Works Cited

  • ~Pictures & video

  • ~Creativity is STRONGLY encouraged